AboitizLand remains ready to serve its valued patrons in this time of need through its Contactless Home Buying Service – a convenient and easy way for interested homebuyers to check AboitizLand’s properties at the comforts of their own home

With the ECQ forcing many businesses – including the property development industry – to temporarily cease operations, AboitizLand’s Contactless Home Buying service is a welcome development at a time when the housing sector plays an integral role in softening the effects of COVID-19 on the health of the economy and its people. 


The Subdivision and Housing Developers Association (SHDA) Inc., the country’s largest organization of subdivision and housing developers aiming to promote developers’ welfare and provide decent and affordable housing, has proposed various measures so that the sector can continuously stimulate the economy, and at the same time ensure the safety of the population during these unprecedented times. One of the proposed courses of action is for financial institutions and property developers to make property purchases and home loan takeouts feasible and uncomplicated under these extraordinary circumstances.


For its part, AboitizLand is adapting to the implementing rules of quarantine by employing innovative steps in its home buying process. From property viewing to unit reservation, everything can now be accomplished through its digital platform – thereby reducing the need for face-to-face interaction. “During these times, it’s truly Better at Home. We recognize the urgency of owning a house in a safe and secure neighborhood, which is why we intend to make the buying process easier and more attainable for our clients,” AboitizLand CEO and President David Rafael said.


He added that the company believes “everyone deserves a good home which will serve as his and his family’s sanctuary in the face of this pandemic.”


Contactless home buying

Interested buyers may view the company’s numerous projects through its sweeping 360-degree virtual tours, which are available on their website, www.aboitizland.com. If they want to inspect the unit offerings, buyers may request for actual videos of the houses. 

To enhance the home shopping experience, homebuyers may consult with property specialists using popular and free video chat apps, who would be more than happy to give clients a comprehensive online presentation, along with answers to any queries. To book appointments, prospective buyers may schedule an online presentation through their developments’ Facebook page, or they may send an email request at aboitizland@aboitiz.com. A dedicated staff will then get in touch within 24 hours to arrange for the online presentation. 

One can also shoot questions to a virtual customer assistance agent via the Messenger box that pops up on the company website. 

Once clients have decided on a purchase, they can easily make reservations without the need to get out of the safety of their current homes. They just have to email scanned copies of the reservation agreement, include one scanned or photographed copy of a valid government ID, and proof of online payment of reservation fee. 


Better at home

As many reputable organizations have already expressed, social distancing is one effective way of restricting the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus. In the country, it can be difficult to achieve a healthy personal space if there are several families or many people sharing a dwelling. Now more than ever, having a personal sanctuary where you can maintain essential distance is no longer a luxury but a necessity for survival.

Thus, AboitizLand also offers residential options that allow families to experience healthy practices. The company’s many developments are located in suburban areas of emerging provinces, far from densely populated megacities yet accessible to and from urban centers nationwide. Their residential projects are also located in mixed-use township developments, so future dwellers are guaranteed a lifestyle surrounded by modern conveniences and employment options from nearby industrial zones, while still maintaining a sense of privacy.

“One positive takeaway from this pandemic is that it is encouraging us to slow down, go home and cultivate deeper relationships with our family,” mused Rafael.

We’ve all been occupied with the pursuit for achievements and success outside that sometimes, we need to be reminded that real happiness and solid relationships start inside our home

For over 25 years, AboitizLand has stayed true to its promise of creating better ways to live through its industrial, residential, and commercial communities. It now looks to further expand its reach by continuing to develop innovative and fully-integrated communities in more locations across the Philippines.

A subsidiary of the Aboitiz Group, it is built on a firm foundation with a hundred-year heritage of advancing business and communities.

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