We cultivate relationships through modern Filipino living.

Following new urbanism principles, our communities are not just culturally rooted but are also master planned.


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Our communities offer an ideal environment for kids. Roads are pedestrian-friendly with plenty of common areas for kids to play and socialize. All-day security keeps the community guarded while roads and common areas are fully lit during the evenings.

Connected Community

Our communities are strategically located to provide both connectivity and privacy. You’ll never be too far from facilities such as hospitals, churches, and schools. But as easy as it is to access our communities, you’ll find that your home is also a sanctuary from the bustle of the outside world.

Harmonious Homes

Our design philosophy follows New Urbanism principles that highlight the importance of harmonious living. Master-planned and thoughtfully curated, we merge practicality with an environment that allows relationships to flourish.

Important Investment

A home in one of AboitizLand’s communities is an investment in the future. But the value and advantage of our properties will be immediately apparent the moment you set foot in them. Our buildings and facilities are built to offer practical solutions today, while ensuring that your investment appreciates in the coming years.