“One thing is for certain: we cannot simply go back to the way buildings were designed pre-pandemic. We need to re-imagine new ways of living beyond the pandemic.”

Notably, even before Covid-19 hit the country, the design firm has always been driven by its belief that architecture is a response to the specific needs of the homeowners.  

It is a response to context. It allows itself to be shaped by the various components of context such as – space requirements, orientation, climate, cost, client objectives; and even complex factors such as hyperspeed of the world, super segmentation of markets, the need to understand psychology and anthropology in relation to space, technology, and so on.”


In AboitizLand, homes are built with vecinos (homeowners) in mind. With a deep understanding of this requirement, partner firm Buensalido and Architects designed houses in Ajoya and Amoa communities with the intent of elevating one’s living experience.

Architectural design goes beyond aesthetics. 

With a design philosophy that highlights purposeful features, it becomes possible that even without modifying anything, homes can indeed adjust to the need in case of a crisis or calamity. 


The firm believes that architecture is about problem-solving, which heavily involves seeking appropriate solutions. This idea is evident in their design of AboitizLand houses. 

Citing natural light and ventilation in a tropical setting, Arch. Buensalido highlighted how intentional they were in putting all the elements together in Ajoya and Amoa communities stating that they focused on providing for basic human needs.

“Ventilation though, is even more important now, because cross ventilation and continuous movement of air would help in extracting harmful or infectious air, from your home and pushing it out…

Speaking about daylighting, this is another basic need that needs to be provided, of course. There should be a balance of shielding sunlight, and letting light in.”

Also mentioning the open-plan, he notes how it gives vecinos the option for house reconfiguring and redesigning given that personal space has become even more important nowadays.

These are the main factors why they incorporated ventanillas and transition spaces that prove to be very useful during this lockdown — when you have to stay safe indoors but also need to get a breath of fresh air.


Aside from the obvious benefits on the air quality when talking about thoughtfully spaced-out residential developments, wide-open spaces also encourage mindful connectivity thereby fostering resilient communities. For the award-winning firm, this is equally essential to ensure the safety of its residents. In our current situation, this idea holds true.

In AboitizLand, developments are master-planned to be people-centric. The main objective is to create an environment that’s connected, harmonious, and safe. 

An example is Amoa at Compostela in Cebu, a massive residential community with 2700 houses divided into clusters with each enclave having its own amenity spaces. The master-plan was specifically designed to make it easier for people to commune, get to know each other, and relationships to be cultivated within the neighborhood.

Aside from the Compostela community, this is also apparent in all AboitizLand communities wherein generous amounts of land have been intentionally allocated to wide-open spaces, greenbelts, and pocket parks.


Now, with the shift in demand caused by the pandemic, how will design and planning change?

With all the risks brought about by Covid-19, wide-open outdoor spaces are now deemed safer highlighting its many advantages. Fortunately for AboitizLand, they have already been building adaptive dwelling places that give families a source of comfort, convenience, protection, and enjoyment.

Favorably located away from congested areas, most AboitizLand residential communities are also highly amenitized featuring carefully curated houses with innovative design elements. Furthermore, each project offers something that takes the living experience up a notch.

In Amoa, Foressa Mountain Town in Cebu, and Seafront Residences in Batangas, homeowners can enjoy panoramic views of nature away from the urban hustle.

Part of a fully-integrated township, The Villages at Lipa in Batangas brings together creature comforts and lifestyle options close to one’s home.

Meanwhile, the town plaza in Ajoya communities allows self-sufficiency for its residents with shophouses for stay-at-home entrepreneurs. 

More than just exclusivity, robust value appreciation may also be expected in Pristina North and Priveya Hills both located in Cebu.

Designed to add value, AboitizLand homes truly live up to its brand promise. Now more than ever, it’s encouraging to know that indeed, life can still be better. 

Watch the full video to learn more about adaptive home designs. Know about the ideal site configurations that merge function and innovation as well as the master-plan that works in the new normal. 

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