AboitizLand 25 Years, 25 Stories | Working at AboitizLand: A Newbie’s Perspective

Not everyone finds their ideal workplace fresh out of college. With a culture that encourages personal and career development, AboitizLand seems to be a fit for a young Finance professional.

Watch as Earl shares about his experiences since joining AboitizLand.

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AboitizLand 25 Years, 25 Stories | The Outlets at Lipa: Solar Sustainability

Together with Aboitiz Power, AboitizLand lights up The Outlets at Lipa with renewable energy from its solar facility — forming synergy while promoting sustainability. Watch the video to know more about the positive impact of this initiative.

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AboitizLand 25 Years, 25 Stories | Heart of a Vecino

Moving back to the Philippines to finally settle down, a vecino realizes that coming home becomes even better when you live comfortably with a sense of security.

In Almiya, Heart Esotto finds the peace of mind in a nurturing community.

Watch her story and learn about one of AboitizLand’s residential developments in Cebu.

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AboitizLand 25 Years, 25 Stories | Luzon: AboitizLand’s New Frontier

Geared to further grow the business, AboitizLand acquired LIMA Land in 2013. This venture paved the way for national expansion efforts while building a name in the Luzon real estate scene.

Watch and learn more about how AboitizLand expanded its foothold beyond Visayas.

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AboitizLand 25 Years, 25 Stories | The People Behind Cebu Expansion

With a culture built on integrity, teamwork, innovation, and responsibility, AboitizLand nurtures individuals who drive positive impact to the community.

Learn how the business flourished and continues to thrive through narratives of people passionate in creating better ways to live.

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AboitizLand 25 Years, 25 Stories | Expanding Our Footprint in Cebu

From vision to execution, Andoni Aboitiz talks about the dreams that built AboitizLand and the hopes of fully realizing it.

Know more about the early successes of the business as the former CEO takes us through its Cebuano roots.

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AboitizLand 25 Years, 25 Stories | AboitizLand’s Industrial Revolution

Playing a major role in bolstering Cebu’s export market, AboitizLand ventured first in an industrial development we now know as West Cebu Industrial Park.

Learn more about CIPDI and how it helped us become a leader in the industrial segment.

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AboitizLand 25 Years, 25 Stories | How AboitizLand Began

Since 1994, AboitizLand stays true to its promise of creating better ways to live.
Know more about the roots and early beginnings of the real estate arm of the Aboitiz Group.

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AboitizLand 25 Years, 25 Stories

Our history is made up of inspiring narratives.

Creating better ways to live for 25 years, we celebrate with a series of stories that speak of what we’ve always believed in.

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